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The concept

A simple concept

Our concept is clear and concise to provide a turnkey solution with furnished apartments in a high quality where everything is functional and operational at all times. Prices are transparent and nothing is written in lower case. Aalborg Furnished Apartments philosophy rests on the foundation of providing businesses and private individuals with a total housing package with high quality and service, flexibility and personal service.

If you are expatriated in Aalborg for shorter or longer period of time, a furnished apartment in a high standard may be something for you.
We are specialized in customized apartments with high level of service.

The advantage is that from day one, when you put the key in the door, you have everything you need in everyday life, ranging from wireless fast internet, TV package, vacuum cleaner, duvets, linens, towels, 100% complete kitchen equipment for cooking. All you basically need to bring is a toothbrush and shampoo.

A simple price

The furnished apartments are personally decorated so that everyone can feel “at home” from the moment you arrive.

With us you pay an agreed monthly sum to cover all expenses. Prices are all inclusive, such as water, heat, electricity, wireless internet, TV package etc. When moving out the full deposit can be expected to be repaid without the intention of painting, machining of wooden flooring and other smart landlord tricks to rip of the tenant. The only exception is if something is directly destroyed.

The properties are not “party houses” and the other tenants’ needs for a quiet life must be respected.

There are good free parking facilities in connection with leases.

Prices from 8.500 DKK to 15.000 DKK per month – all included.